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List of Malaysia Popular Birding Destination

1) Fraser's Hill

2) Kuala Selangor

3) Taman Negara National Park

4) Bukit Tinggi

5) Old Gombak Road
6) Genting Highland

7) Krau Forest Reserve

8) Langkawi Island

9) Kota Kinabalu

10) Kinabalu Park

11)  Poring Hot Spring

12) Crocker Range

13)Tambunan Rafflesia center

14) Sepilok - Rainforest discovery center
15) Kinabatangan River
16) Danum Valley

17) Tabin Wildlife Reserver

18) Panti Forest

19) Bako National Park

20) Semenggoh Forest Reserve

21) Matang Wildlife Center
22) Mulu National Park
23) Bario Forest

24) Royal Belum Forest

25) Endau Rompin National Park

26) Bukit Telapak Buruk

27) Bidor Mining Pond

28) Langkawi Island

29) Byram mangrove

30) Kuala Gula Mangrove

31) Tabin Wildlife Reserve

32) Kubah National Park














Malaysian Rhinoceroses Hornbill


Malaysia still remains very big piece of virgin forest that home for many endemic species. However most of the place is difficult to access until recently the local government effort to convert some of the forest reserve to become national park, game reserve and conservation area to boost the tourism.

Malaysia is one of Asia’s most exciting birding destinations. Consist of Malay Peninsula and also big part of Borneo. Malaysia has exceptionally high wildlife diversity, the most remarkable will be our Orangutan, Borneo Pygmy Elephants and Proboscis Monkey. Malaysia is the homes of many colorful resident species which share their habitats in one of the oldest rainforest remain. Malaysia combined the luxury and the basic birding accommodation with traditional Malay cuisine and fusion of western food. Malaysia is no surprise that this is one of the most popular Asian destinations for birders.

Our team will bring you to explore the different habitats, include, Lowland rainforest, montane rainforest, mangrove, wetland, secondary forest, Paddy field as well as city center.  The birds highlight will be the Hornbill Family, Broadbills, Pittas and woodpeckers, however, not to forget the Rail babbler, Bristlehead and Argus Pheasants.





Just a short email to say how much we enjoyed our trip to the Danum Valley, Kinabatangan and Sepilok which you arranged for us. We had a wonderful time with great experiences both on land and on the river, were extremely well looked after and had many superb wildlife sightings, including two orang utan Mothers in the wild with their young; one of them was making up her nest for the night and that was an extraordinary experience. All arrangements worked like clockwork,  and I'd like to thank you for the efficiency and positive, helpful and friendly attitude with which we were met throughout our stay. Borneo is a beautiful country and I am sure I will be back one day and I will certainly recommend it, and your organisation, to friends who enjoy wild life holidays.
Thanks again.
Best wishes
Adrian McLoughlin March 2008


 Then, how about the blood sucker in the forest ? >> Read More

The leeches in the rainforest are particularly "vicious" and really blood-thirsty. As you make your way in the wet rainforest trail, you will realise and learn how just how blood-thirsty they are. There are leeches just about everywhere, somersaulting and quivering in all direction.










Bird Watching One Day Tour

Kuala Lumpur

 Kuala Selangor

 Krau Forest Reserve

 Genting Highland

 Old Gombak Road
 Fraser's hill
 Bukit Tinggi /Berjaya Hill
 Bukit Telapak Buruk
 Within Penang Island
 Seberang Perai

 Kuala Gula




 Langkawi Island

 Around Langkawi



 Kota Kinabalu

 Around Kota    kinabalu city

 Kinabalu Park

 Crocker Range

 Manukan Island




 Around Kuching City
 Semenggoh Forest Reserve

 Bako National Park

 Matang Wildlife Center

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Client Feedback:

Sorry for taking so long to write to you.  We are back at work in Papua New Guinea now and things are crazy here - as usual.

Our time in Danum Valley was great.  The food and the service at Borneo Rainforest Lodge were particularly outstanding.

Overall, our trip to Sabah was fantastic.  I think it was the best holiday that I have ever had.  We really didn't have any complaints about anything, the whole time we were traveling.

Many thanks again to you for making our planning and our holiday work out so well.  We will certainly recommend you to anybody we know who is planning a holiday in Malaysia.

Thanks again and Best Wishes

From Dr Robert Mckay (20 days tour for Kinabatangan river, Maliau Basin, Danum Valley and Tabin Wildlife reserve)







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